What We Do!

Define, Manage, Track, Support

At REVEL we recognize the importance of delivering technological systems that meet your objectives within the schedule and budget that has been defined.  Our experienced team of project management professionals can assist with the development of project requirements and scope at the outset. Once the scope has been defined, an accurate project estimate can be created that includes equipment, labour and ongoing support costs.  The estimate will be used as a benchmark to track expenditures throughout the life of the project and forecast and manage spending to meet your fiscal requirements. A detailed and realistic project schedule with critical milestones will be created to give the implementation team, project stakeholders and you, our partner, visibility into the progress that is being made.  It will also allow adjustments to be made and risks to be managed to keep the overall project on track when the unexpected happens.


At REVEL, we understand that the success of a project does not start and end with the technology. Our schedules and budgets will include technical and operational training and dry runs as required to ensure that the new technology is transitioned to live operation as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.


We also understand the underlying value of your content and cost associated with any downtime in your operation.  We will work with you to design and develop systems that meet your criteria for redundancy, up-time, and cost with the intention of protecting your investment and operation. Conventional thinking in support needs will always ensure that it is not “set it and forget it” after the hardware has been deployed.  REVEL is here to help manage the ongoing needs of a sophisticated install and its servicing requirements.


Photographer - Noah Menard