What We Do!

Specify, Evaluate and Solve


Photographer - Kendrik Nass

Model - Charlie Wang

Makeup - Nastia Wolf

Whether your new facility requirements include live production, mobile production vehicles, post-production, on-air presentation, MAM and content archiving or coaching and sports technology we can offer expertise to help.  We are experts at translating operational and business requirements into technical specifications that can be used as design criteria for high-level systems designs.


At REVEL, we understand the importance of making solid technological investments that can meet your current requirements, scale to meet future requirements and minimize depreciation by maximizing the useful life of the technology.  We are experts at recommending specific technological solutions to best meet both your operational needs and your capital and operating budgets.


We are equally adept at completing new technology studies for solutions that may not be implemented in the short term but may change the game allowing new workflows and efficiencies to be realized in the future.

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