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Revel Broadcast & IT Solutions is focused on providing technologically advanced, complete and working solutions to the media and entertainment, sports and venue markets.  REVEL provides systems design, workflow design, project management, training and technology consulting services to help you meet your operational and business objectives.  Whether your project requires advanced file-based workflows or the latest IP streaming technology, REVEL is equipped to provide the right mix of products and services to meet your needs and help your project become a success.

The world of media technology is rapidly evolving towards software-based tools, file-based workflows and IP signal transport.  At REVEL we understand the advantages that IT technology can bring to your business. We move from the conventional video to IT domains and back again with ease, all with the intent to provide enhanced production capabilities and improve workflow efficiency.  REVEL has the skills and experience to provide complete live production, streaming, on-air presentation, master control, media asset management or content archival technology solutions to meet your needs.

The world class products that we recommend provide best in class features and functionality.  Recognizing that every project has a unique set of requirements, our team of technology experts will customize our service offering to meet your needs.  Whether you are looking to augment your in-house resources and technical expertise during implementation or are looking for a complete turn-key facility design and build, REVEL is able to help.  We have the technical know-how and project management expertise to deliver leading-edge solutions that meet your objectives within the schedule and budget that has been defined.  


Once your project implementation is complete, REVEL will work closely with your team to ensure that your staff are properly trained and that your products are  adequately supported during their useful life.  Our wide scope of support offerings will ensure that you are satisfied with your investment over the long term.

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